All in a New York Minute…

I guess the Lin-sanity has to stop sometime right?

Maybe that is for the best.

With the departurI of Mike D’Antoni, Mike Woodson takes charge of a dysfunctional team. Even with the ridiculous win over the Portland Trailblazers, it still begs the question: how much of a role will Jeremy Lin play in the new coach’s system?

It is said that Mike Woodson will be placing more emphasis on the scoring ability of his best scores: Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire. In my opinion, I think that is entirely possible. Just look at his previous team the Atlanta Hawks. He uses Joe Johnson and Josh Smith, and led them to multiple playoff appearances.

The training session the Knicks had today was another indication. The Knicks are running a lot of set plays instead of the run-and-gun playing style D’Antoni likes. A lot of the emphasis is placed on isolation plays for Anthony and dash-in-the-lane play for Stoudamire.

So where does that leave the linsanity?

Word is he will be utilized less now that Woodson is the coach. According to Woodson, rookies are supposed to “sit and learn”, due to the lack of experience. Jeremy Lin is still essentially a rookie, due to the short playing time he had during the GSW times. Baron Davis or the rarely used Mike Bibby will probably be the preferred guards to be used.

Well, I guess we should just sit back and see how Woodson handles all this, because I really don’t want to see the unpolished talent in the young guard being buried under the veterans. We will see tonight in the Indiana vs New York game tonight.


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One Response to All in a New York Minute…

  1. guess we can only find out tomorrow.

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