New iPad craze

Wow. I’m from Malaysia, so I didn’t get to experience any of the new iPad craze over here. But damn, looking at the photos, I was like omg.

Sure, having a retina display is like a gift from the heavens. The 4g LTE will probably be one of the main focus of the tech gadget. I really like the concept of the new iPad. Right now, I am blogging off my iPad 2, and I am already contend with it, but having an upgrade will probably be the best thing.

Problem is, Malaysia has no 4g connection, and the 3G connection itself is laughable. Until the government decides to improve on the wireless connectivity of the country, the full prowess of the new iPad will not be appreciated fully by the Malaysian community.

Man, I long for fast Internet. …


About wilfredwong88

I'm just your average stuck-on-the-computer engineer. I'm Asian, but don't just go stereotyping me now. I play badminton, read tech blogs, bla bla bla. Boring shit I know. But hey, that's life. I live it proudly, and I think that everyone should just live their life the way they want! Woho!!!!
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