Balanced defense and offense led to New York Knicks win

Wow. Talk about a bounce back.

At one point, everyone is ready to dismiss the New York Knicks as a valid playoff contender. Tonight, they certainly raised a few eyebrows here and there.

Jeremy Lin had an all around performance of 13 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, but his story is not the most impressive. Tyson Chandler had a 16 points, 4 blocks, 7 rebounds game, Carmelo Anthony had 12 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, Steve Novak went 4-8 from the three point land, and J.R. Smith had 16 points to boot. 5 players scored in double figures, and the Knicks in general played Such good defense that the Pacers did not lead in the entire game.

After the statement by Danny Granger of the Pacers saying that the home-and-home game with the Knicks are very winnable games, the Knicks definitely made a statement by denying the Pacers most of the game.

Under the leadership of the new coach, the Knicks led by as much as 32, and the final score does not even show the dominance of the Knicks throughout the game. The Knicks held the Pacers to only 14 points in the first quarter after holding the Blazers to only 16 points in the first quarter a couple of days ago. They never looked back since.

A statement made by Woodson before the game says that Jeremy Lin will not lose the starting point guard position, but he maintains that Lin is still in a learning stage, and he believes that Lin will be a great player in years to come.

In a back to back home to home game, the Knicks will travel to Indiana, where Leandro Barbosa will probably be inserted into the Pacers line up, and the Pacers will come out with a vengeance. The alley oop by Smith at the last minute will prove to be a case of adding fuel to the fire.


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